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VA World Conference is committed to maintaining a culture of diversity and equity in our events, our community, and practices in the community at large. As a result, we promise to be inclusive with intentional strategies to welcome and uplift all, catering especially to women of color in our industry.

                               We all have a role to play






    What Is Diversity and Inclusion?

The term “diversity” not only refers only to a person’s race but a wide range of elements that make us unique. These include gender, age, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, personality, skill sets, education, national origin, and marital and
socioeconomic status. An organization’s “inclusion” is based on its ability to champion these differences so that all are treated equally and feel they are accepted and belong. “Equity,” meanwhile, refers to providing fair treatment, opportunity, and advancement for all, eliminating barriers that may keep them from full participation.