Volunteering with the VA World Conference is a journey of laughter, growth, and immense satisfaction.

As a facilitation volunteer, you contribute to creating an enviable experience, one brimming with energy, knowledge, and heartfelt connections. But it doesn’t stop there – the path of volunteering is two-way.

You give your precious time and effort, but you also gain invaluable experiences and learning that can enhance other areas of focus.

Two Reasons To Volunteer

Networking with an array of entrepreneurs at different levels, you’ll weave a fabric of valuable connections that’ll enrich you professionally and personally.

Exposure to diverse roles, systems, and perceptions will widen your horizon, fostering growth in a wholesome manner.

Your journey with us is not just about facilitating a conference; it's about supporting a community, about lighting the pathway for others to prosper, and about giving back in the most rewarding way possible.