"The Virtual Service Provider Industry will grow 5% between 2020-2024, an estimated $98 Billion US dollars”

The Great Recession and its aftermath have weakened employees’ loyalty to employers. We see this trend in many industries today, but especially in Remote Professional Industry.

We see an even greater trend among women of color, who are starting their own businesses at higher rates compared to other groups of women.  

A Virtual Assistant is generally a self-employed independent contractor or freelancer who works remotely.
"Virtual Assistant” is a very broad term and covers a range of different skills!

VA World Conference is a community of VAs and other Remote Professionals, both established and aspiring, who value collaboration, support, and knowledge sharing.

The company culture fosters a sense of camaraderie and encourages attendees to connect with one another, share their experiences, and learn from each other.

Get Your Seat at the Table

The Virtual Assistant World Conference is the product of a collaboration between several women of color entrepreneurs. It lays forth a vision in the form of a gathering — not merely a virtual conference, but an ongoing global virtual community that radiates out from there. We feel it’s important to have both spaces to congregate and interact.

Join us and be part of a community that empowers all women to thrive in the Remote Professional Industry.

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Virtual World Conference | Visions of Success

Vision Statement

VA World Conference is an annual event designed for aspiring women, with a specific focus on minority women, who wish to start their journey in the Virtual Service Provider Industry.

We are dedicated to bringing together a diverse community of women to create a stronger impact and achieve shared goals. We recognize the unique challenges faced by minority women in the industry and are committed to providing resources and support to help them succeed.

Our goal is to foster a whole entrepreneur, addressing not only financial success but also physical, legal, and mental well-being. As a virtual community, we connect remotely to achieve great things together.

We are a virtual community, connecting remotely to achieve great things

Our Virtual Reality Interview Series

This series is all about the people, their passions, and motivating their potential. We capture this in interviews that will hopefully inspire other Women of Color to step into the Virtual Assistance Revolution happening across the Globe. 

Join us as we attempt to humanize the virtual assistant profession while also providing an insider’s look at who exactly makes up this growing profession.