Your Network is Your Net Worth

Your Network is Your Net Worth

Entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding job roles in the world. It’s also one of the most challenging. If you’re an entrepreneur and want to reap the benefits of being your own boss, it’s important that you understand the benefits of entrepreneurship so that you can keep on track with your journey.


  1. Networking is the key to success.
  1. Networking is an investment in your future.
  1. Networking can be learned as a skill and practiced like any other skill.
  1. Networking can be fun if you make it fun!
  1. Networking helps you achieve your goals and meet new people, too!
A strong network is not just about having connections, but also having diversity within those connections (age-wise, gender-wise, experience level). A broad network means that people from various industries have heard about the work you do (or vice versa) and are interested in what it entails (or vice versa). A deep network means that there are relationships within this broad group; these people will be more likely to buy from or work with someone who has a personal connection as opposed to an acquaintance who happens to be in the same industry sector.
I hope this helped you understand how important it is to work hard and be willing to put yourself out there. It takes more than just a good idea, but also commitment and belief in yourself. 

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